Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis: for your information

1az Pharm holds a narcotics license according to ยง 3 of the German Narcotics Act (BTMG) and, as an independent wholesaler, also distributes high-quality medical cannabis products as drugs, which meet the legal quality standards and come from established pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The provisions of the Narcotics Act prohibit the advertising of narcotics - including as medicinal products.

Since the drugs sold by 1az Pharm consist of the dried flower of the hemp plant and cannabis is classified in Annex III of the narcotics legislation, we as a supplier are not allowed to give any information about the products or even to advertise them.

On request, we provide specialist information on our products and prices exclusively for the specialist groups involved (doctors, pharmacies). Please use our contact options and feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Image sources: from left to right, Kelleter